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    Roe Head


    I've been boiling out a nice Roe head that I shot yesterday. My question is (I've looked at old threads and cannot find it), how much weight will a scull loose between boiling and 90 days days later when measured? I have found out what the weights need to be, full scull, but not how much weight I can expect it to loose in the 90 day period.
    Any help much appreciated.



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    Hi paul
    We usually deduct 10% due to it being wet then 90 gramms as its full skull
    ​Regards Andy

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    If you intend to get it measured do not cut the scull.
    I shot a fine 8 pointer in 1964 which made 104.35 CIC points.
    The late master-measurer, G.Kenneth Whitehead said it would have been a high Bronze if I had not been so savage with the saw.
    I have never cut a head again if it was my intention to get it measured.


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    Stag, could he not have found it in his heart to give an extra beauty point somewhere and get you over the 105 threshold?!? I had similar last year with a roe head that made 104. That was with a full skull :'(

    I'm fact, I don't know if you recall, but it was that malformed I showed you when I came to pick that burco boiler up.

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    No, Kenneth was an honest gentleman and I took note of what he said.
    I did get an old wood-carver to make a special oak shield for it though carved with oak leaves and acorns.

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    Well thanks CWD and Stag your advice has been appreciated. It is now all cleaned out and has dried off (well surface dry) and weighs 542g, so we'll see where we end up. I'll keep you posted as and when. Again thanks for your help.


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    Well best of luck with that Paul fingers crossed its a medal head

    ATB J

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