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    Red face level 2

    Hi Just had the postman deliver my certificate for level2 it, s been about 3 weeks since I had the phone call questions. It,s a nice feeling to have it in the bag and it, s with many thanks to Jim Riley my AW who made it all possible on the Chipanham estate (Cambridge) I have done it over the last 2year's and learnt a lot mainly from from my own mistakes, jim was great and very patient. over the last 2year's l have watched his new buildings go up, he now has a new cold room butchery and larder with veiwing area, schooling room with log burner, kennels ,bunk house and range,plus more , I, ll be back for a few more stalks jim If I was to start it again it would only be on the roe doe, s but havin said that jim has a lot of muntys about,The wife was happy with the venison to, What you shoot you take home great.all the best for the future Jim

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