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Thread: Tracking lead coil knot

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    Tracking lead coil knot

    Does anyone know what the knot is called that comes tied in the niggeloh tracking leads when you get them new? It looks like a chain sinnet but isn't and is quick release. I've looked all over to find it but can't. Undid the lead years ago and just remembered the knot as it is a pain to uncoil the lead without knots forming in it. Thanks in advance.

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    Not entirely sure i'm talking about the same thing but sounds a bit like an alpine/daisy chain (not even sure if there the correct names). A series off loops and u keep on pulling 1 loop throu the next, sort off looks like them foriegn braided bracelet thingys u get on holiday? u pull 1 end and it just unravelels sort of like the top of an old feed/tatty bag.

    If it is an alpine chain, designed to coil long ropes easily and u tie 1 end onto urself and drop the coil and it should untangle itself down the mountain just with gravity. If u try looking on a mountaineering type site might give u a picture of it as not sure we're talking about the same thing

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    Countryboy are you referring to this? known as aufdocken..
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Not prime time Friday night viewing, more for the purists! But something I hope to be able to do after a bit of practice...
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    The later stuff on top is similar to wot i'd call an alpine chain, u could probably just do that althou it would look nowhere near as tidy. It's amazing wot is on the web really

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    It's traditional to tie the leash like that. It takes time to do and it's meant to give time to sete the hound prior to tracking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by straightbetweentheeyes View Post
    Not prime time Friday night viewing, more for the purists! But something I hope to be able to do after a bit of practice...

    That is exactly what I was looking for, brilliant-will get the boss's son to translate it all for me. Many thanks for the replies, apparently niggeloh now send out their leads cable tied so the new ones no longer come like this.

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    I tend to use this all the time easy to do once you have done it once.The trick is to get the starting point correct and only practice will enable you to get the lengths right.Impressive when you get it right as the leash just pulls straight out.

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    Forgot to add its more difficult with a new leash as they are a bit stiff

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    That's another bloody leash I've got to buy now! Got the niggeloh and a biothane, aufdocken wouldn't look right in anything but leather!
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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