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Thread: First Red Stag

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    First Red Stag

    We're enjoying a nice spell of weather in Argyll and so I decided after a morning on the beach with the family to head off to my stalking ground.

    After a hot climb up and over the hill I saw a red grazing in an area of scrub, I was still 700m away and maybe 100m above it but I could see a good line to stalk in along. An hour later, having followed a burn down, crossed a small shoulder and made my way through some wood I was 150m away looking at a nice young spiker. He was grazing away and browsing on the lower branches of some scrub birches. His body was well hidden by bracken as he moved around the base of the tree and I moved once to get a better shot when he decided to do the same and parked himself behind the tree again. After an hour he came out, nicely broadside but only top half of his body visible and then he disappeared into a hollow I hadn't seen. Light was beginning to go and so no point in me moving so I sat it out and then he appeared over a knoll directly in front of me only 50m away but head on. He ambled another 10m towards me then winded me. He obviously was spooked but couldn't place the source and so he charged off directly at me! When he was 30m I shouted and he stopped and turned.... Bang.

    As I gralloched him in the dusk I heard a stag roar, no mistaking it but very early. A hard drag over 1/4 mile saw me at the track.

    My first red and at 30m not the hardest shot, but a thrilling stalk.


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    very good of him to close the distance for you!

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    That's why of late, I have been fixing bayonets when I go Stalking

    Well done, well worth the sweat and swears I'm sure, certinally one to remember.


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    A good result.
    I bet there would of been another movment if he got any closer

    Nice one


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    well done m8, spot on 8)

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    The old addage rings true 'sit on yer arse and they'll come to you'

    Well done

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