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Thread: Optolyth Case

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    Optolyth Case

    Hi all

    I am looking for a leather case for an Optolyth 30 x 75 spotting telescope.

    Does anyone have one they would like to move on ?

    Any info on where I could get one would be appreciated .



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    You may have a problem finding one. Mine is about 30 years old now, the leather strap device for holding the case shut was rubbish and I fitted a metal one instead.

    I also have a black canvas case with a waterproof lining , half length zip and carrying strap though which I would sell for 15 post paid.
    With the telescope out this case can be rolled up and placed in a jacket pocket. Condition is as new.

    As an alternative I can offer the original, well used leather case for 30 post paid.


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    you have PM inbound

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    Quote Originally Posted by redandroe View Post

    you have PM inbound
    Reply sent Sir.

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