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Thread: Falcon Air Rifle

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    Falcon Air Rifle

    Hi Guys,

    I know this is probably a long shot on here but here goes -

    I'm looking for a Falcon air rifle, FN19, FN12, Lighthunter, would also consider the new pf models. 177 preferably but would consider 22. Not looking for an FAC air rifle as i dont have a slot.

    Just needed for some ratting where the 22lr isnt suitable.

    Cheers Rob

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    Thanks for the reply barkingsnake - I need a right hooker or ambi tho - should've put that on my original post.

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    We have a real good falcon 177 here at the shop. It was mine but has a jammed trigger. Worth 3-350 but would take 150 if you get the repair done.

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    I have got a RH single shot falcon, PM me if you are interested, nothing wrong with it, I used to keep it in my truck as a rabbiting rifle, so a few marks on the stock, but its accurate and having been serviced on the limit.


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    I have a mint FN 19 lighthunter

    .22 @18ft/lbs. but worth adding the slot for. It makes .22 much flatter without being too much for indoor use. 4 mags, quickfill adapter and silencer.

    All as new.

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    Have you tried the Airgun BBS forum, friendly bunch.

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