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Thread: Ferlach Drilling

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    Ferlach Drilling

    Hello ,

    A friend from Germany who Dad is selling his drilling sent me the following , said I would stick it on SD

    Any questions I will try & get them answered for you .

    "Hope you both are well. Just a quick one to let you know that Dad is selling his Ferlacher "Drilling"

    Kaliber 7X65
    Schrott 16
    Einstecklauf 22 Magnum

    Maybe you remember this one, see pics attached. Dad inherited it from Grandpa, it's quite a special piece.
    He has just redone the glass on top, it is new.
    Since we kids are not hunting - unfortunately- Dad thought of better giving it into good hands (professional hunter)

    If you are interested or have an idea who might be let me know. No worries, we are also asking a few hunter friends in Germany.

    Oh ya, price should be somewhere at 2.5K EUR negotiable."

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ferlacher Drilling Bild 3.pdf   Ferlacher Drilling Bild 5.pdf   Ferlacher Drilling Bild 6.pdf   Ferlacher Drilling Bild 9.pdf  

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    Looks great are you tempted ?

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    I wish it wasn't such a pain in the arse to get guns brought across the pond or I would make you an offer !

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    Think you're in the wrong section.

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    Looks lovely, but bear in mind:
    Schrot = shot
    Schrott = scrap metal, rubbish,and so on.

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    You bet me to it Rodger!

    I was given this particular drilling to use on a wild boar drive in Germany a few years ago. The owner speaks not one word of English so I was somewhat taken a back when he gave me a handful of solid slugs, three or four rounds of 7mm ammo and a ten second instruction in German as to how to use the bloody thing! He then positioned me at the end of a maize field whilst he disappeared and proceeded to drive the field with his mates and a bunch of hounds from somewhere at the other side of the field. I was so pleased that no boar appeared!

    The drilling was Wolf-Dieter's pride and joy and I was quite surprised to receive the email sent jointly to Waldy and me from his son in Singapore saying that he wanted to sell it.

    I do not want to buy it but I do wonder how the police view a drilling in terms of licensing. Does anybody know?

    Yet another 7mm08 user....

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    "I do not want to buy it but I do wonder how the police view a drilling in terms of licensing. Does anybody know?"

    Straight forward section 1 firearm simple as that, so not a problem.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Simple, as 8x57 says, you apply for a 7x65r 16g drilling as I did for the purpose of a multi purpose gun for deer, vermin etc on your shoot!

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    Thanks, you learn something every day!

    Yet another 7mm08 user....

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