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Thread: Browning xbolt composite stalker .243

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    Browning xbolt composite stalker .243

    Browning Xbolt composite stalker blued barrel bolt action .243

    Only fired 60 rounds
    Comes screw cut
    Including Mounts and MTC Viper scope

    Great stalking rifle.

    Genuine reason for sale


    Pm or ring 07930132554 for more details.

    Located in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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    Suprised this has not sold yet!! I can vouch for this gun I dropped my first buck with this exact gun. If it had been for sale 2 months ago I would have taken it.

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    Yep. Does not come much cleaner.

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    Thanks lads i though it was sold but man never turned up
    ​Still for sale

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    i have this in a .223 and its EPIC i would probably consider this for my .243 as well if i have a slot already good luck with the sale.

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    you have a text sir ill take this please
    Official Sponsor to Team GB F Class

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