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Thread: To Busy

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    To Busy

    Well i have not been on the SD for a while and there were many reasons but one that is related to deer and stalking has now came to a happy conclusion.

    RIA My Deer Dog has Finally had her puppy,s. It was a long old haul starting at 630 on Wednesday night i got a phone call while out working saying RIA was in distress and was pushing . So it was a quick cancel and home as i arrived the first pup hit the vet bedding and RIA set to work doing a very good job and the pups cord was cut and it was cleaned and on her with in minutes.The time rolled on and on before the next pup arrived now 715 and we had two both dogs and again a real good job. The third pup was quite quick only 30 minutes from the second. Then the problems, the fourth pup was a no show and the time rolled on and on at the two hour stage i was thinking vet. But i looked at her and the movement of the pups and she was in no real distress.Two hour 15 and i decided to intervene a quick check told me we had a pup stuck i set to work and had it out ASAP but sadly it was dead and by the look of it for a long time. I clear the mess away and let her settle back down at the same time phoned the vet to let him know i might be down with her . Well it was not necessary she went on to have six more pups over a eleven hour period so at five in the morning i had a last check no pups left in her and i set about putting her in her new clean bed with the pup.s. The spare room was a mess and i gave the walls a quick coat of emulsion and went to my Bed. Is this breeding really worth it well time will tell but at times it can be really touch and go .

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    Well done to you and RIA, hope all goes well from here on in.

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    Well done Davie , hope all goes well

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    Nice one davie.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Fine looking pups well done

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    And now the stress begins..... In my wisdom I had a litter with a four month baby.... Not one of my finest moments and it nearly got me divorced!!!!! It is very rewarding, especially if you keep one of the litter.

    good luck

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    Enjoy the first two weeks then the real work starts!

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    Fine looking litter.

    Just showed the wife, nearly got to have another dog............................................... ...........but no cigar. I will keep working on her


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    Lovely looking litter, would love one of these!!!



    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    very nice litter there.
    the bitch looks nice she has a very dark head, what is the breed? defo not showing the wife!!!

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