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Thread: Going abroad

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    Going abroad

    I'm looking at a bit of driven boar in Germany at the end of the year and I am a little confused as too the legal requirements, I would appreciate advice or confirmation from the more learned in the forum:

    Query 1: As I understand it I will require a European Firearms Permit, issued by my local Police force free of charge?

    ​Query 2: With regards ammunition I am told this must be in manufacturers original packaging, is this the law or is it down to the travel carrier? I home load and would like to use it on my trip.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Correct about the EFP but this guff about ammo in original packages is something I have never come across.
    I carry my ammo, out of it's carton, in a metal money box and have never been asked to take the out to be inspected.
    I was asked once, by a friend, to 'lend' him some empty cartons as he wanted to take some of his home loads on a flight from London to Glasgow.
    So whether there is some UK rule I have no idea, he said he wasn't given any hassle so I'm not sure that was even neccessary.
    Good luck on your trip to Germany, apart from the good hunting they have good hospitality too.

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    Cheers EMcC, good news to hear.



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