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Thread: First Sika of the season

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    First Sika of the season

    Weather was beautiful on Saturday morning, not a cloud as I left the house at five. I waited on a high spot at first light to snipe any sika on there way back to the forest. As usual I spotted a few hinds, calfs, a spike and a stag on neighbours land but wasn't sure if I was welcome to take one. After a coffee I went to higher ground, removed moderator and bipod from the rifle to get the weight down and readjusted scope for no mod use. From the high ground I spotted a hind and calf in the valley next to a stream which had low forest on both sides. While sneaking through the high grass in the shadow of the forrest I saw a stag also in the shade about 300yds down from me close to the hind and calf.
    I hugged the forest and kept going. After a while I bumped into the calf and hind who where heading up the valley, we looked at each other for a while at about 50yds until they had enough and buggered off. From where I saw the stag last I got to about 80yds and sat down with the rifle ready. Stag was out of sight but the terrain was also very rough so I waited.
    He reappeared down valley on the other side and was about to go into the forest. I was sure it was around 200yds and I took the shot a bit higher than normal hoping to upset the spine. I heard no impact sound and the deer just ran away, I thought typical 243... ranged the distance it was 196 yds. Didn't find any hair or blood at the spot he stood. The damp grass showed me his direction of travel and after 35yds he was lying stone dead. The 80gr SP bullet was under the skin opposite side of the ribcage. Bigger problem was getting the fella back to the car.
    sorry for the picture quality.

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    Nice write up ejg, nice looking stag you got there.
    Have you heard any whistling down your way yet, heard a few over the weekend in dublin/wicklow.


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    ejg, can you please tell me why you had to take the can off and adjust the scope? Does your can make that much difference?

    Nice cull beast!

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    Nice start to the season.


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    Wicklow, I wouldn't be the biggest expert on the subject but I thought it was a strong start to the rut. Whisteling all day, plenty rutting stands, stag at least walking after the hinds. Also observed a spike running after a calf and hind above my position in the hill. A week ago it all seemed dead in the forest, now plenty action and movement. Maybe the fine weather also did its bit.

    Deer man, I took it off for weight reasons, very boggy area and if one is unlucky one can sink in well. Also new that if I got something it will be awkward to get it back. So I went as light as possible. Easier to take quick offhand shots without mod if something pops up close.
    My rifle is a sporter barrel 24", it shoots about 2 1/2" to the right and 2" high without mod. I have the position marked on the target turrets.

    Thanks Jonathon,
    huge ammount of fat on the fella. Looking forward to the bbq.


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    Wow does any body else find that much difference with a can? Sorry for hijacking the thread!

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    My 6.5 shoots exactly the same on or off and the .300 shoots 8" high at 100 metres with it off.

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    I shot a Sika pricket on the evening of the 29th August up in west Tyrone. I heard one Sika stag whistling about 30 minutes before last light, that was the first I have heard this year, it only lasted a few seconds.

    This pricket I shot was the fattest deer I have seen in years. There was a 1/2 inch of fat on his rump and loins. There were rolls of fat around his kidneys, fantastic deer for the freezer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man
    Wow does any body else find that much difference with a can? Sorry for hijacking the thread!
    Hijack away,
    every rifle I had so far seemed to have quite a difference between mod on and off. I presume you'll expect a big difference with a thin long barrel and a heavy mod. Smaller change with a short fat barrel and lighter mod.
    My 308 with a 22" heavy magnum sporter barrel and a light 260gram moderator only prints about an inch away. With the new Atec at 470 grams it's more.

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    a fine beast ! well done that man .

    cheers lee

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