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Thread: Sauer 101

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    Sauer 101

    Morning gents has anyone seen or held one of these new 101's from Sauer they seem too good to be true,, and you know the saying
    1200.00 is what's been quoted anyone know anything at all please let me know before i part with my hard earned wonga
    PS got a styer 6.5x55 at the mo and keeping same cal

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    held one at garlands shooting ground last week seemed prety good,

    atb Matt

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    A very solid piece of kit, shoot good too in the right set up.

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    Hi Pal handled one at the gamefair last saturday seems a great rifle for the money . I was after a left hander but they only offer a right hand stock in synthetic. A nice smooth action just like the 202 . Regards Steve at Borderfieldsports

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    Better than a Sako for the money. The only thing I didn't like was the plastic magazine and the fact that the barrels are sweated in ie when then barrel is shot out you will probably have to scrap the action as well.

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    Held one at the CLA - comparable to the Sako 85, although the safety felt a bit uncomfortable and I personally don't like the looks of it as much as my 85. It also bothered me that they wouldn't guarantee MOA.

    the Sauer 202 synchro xt on the other hand was awesome - by far the best looking rifle I've seen and couldn't fault anything about it.

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    Had a play with one in 243 a few weeks ago - timber and blued.. I was actually quite impressed. There are a few aspects such as the sweated barrel and the plastic bottom metal which I could live without.

    However, I thought it was a very solid rifle for the money, stock shape was great, trigger was good and it seemed quite accurate with factory ammo. I would see them as a more conventionally designed version of a Mannlicher classic.

    If they are selling at 1,200, that is Tikka money, and I would have one in a heart beat ahead of a Tikka.

    Maybe not a "riflemans rifle" but a perfectly good rifle which would serve the average stalker a life time.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Bob you thinking of raiding the piggy bank

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    I'm tempted by one off these, just trying to find the right reason to convince myself to get one!

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