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Thread: Parker Hale 1200 .243

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    Parker Hale 1200 .243

    Is there such thing as a magazine conversion kit for a PH, the floor plate magazine is having feed issues and I can only
    load one round then I have to fight with it, there should be a better way of doing things

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    Is the head of the cartridge sliding up underneath the extractor claw or not. My 1100 struggled with certain makes of brass case. It turned out that the groove (sorry don't know proper name) where the extractor claw fits in was slightly thicker on some cases and a change of brass brand sorted it.

    Hope this helps

    Regards pete

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    CDI do bottom metal for the large ring mauser action and it uses aics mags. It needs a little bit of milling the receiver to make it fit 0.060 -0.080 inch off the bottom. Worth a look i would think?.

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    It should be relatively simple and cheap to fix just take it to a gunsmith (not an RFD) who knows what he talking about. There are magazine conversions available for the Mauser action but you will probably be shocked by the price which will be greater than the value of the rifle and also availability may be a bit of an issue.

    Can you describe exactly what the problem is.
    Maybe a daft question but you have been feeding all rounds from the magazine. You haven't by any chance just dropped the odd round in the top and rammed the bolt shut have you?
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hmmm Newark is not a million miles from here. If your really stuck perhaps I may be able to assist?

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