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Thread: Flights to New Zealand.

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    Flights to New Zealand.

    Anyone know which airline/route is best to fly to New Zealand and take a rifle? Many thanks, John.

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    we went air nz and flew via hongkong both ways as i think you need a visa if going the us route atb wayne
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    I use flight centre, even cheaper than going direct to the airlines,but make sure they check they carry guns as checked luggage, not cargo, other wise it gets expensive . Malaysia does not carry via kuala Lumpa ( bad spelling)

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    Fly Air NZ make sure you book on the flight 001, this stops only briefly at L.A. in the USA to refuel they don’t unload the cargo, strictly speaking you need a firearms Visa to go through the US with a firearms, which is a good idea to get even if you don’t need it as the firearm stays on the plane in L.A. Other flights stop over which means more hassle taking guns though customs, and US customs play it straight down the line, they will pull you up if your paper work is not in order. I think it takes at least 6 weeks to get a visa.



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    Airline wise Singapore Airlines are best bar none, although I am not too sure if they will transport firearms.

    Air NZ are also very good although I would avoid going via LA, reason being if you go via Singapore or Hong Kong you can wander about the airport, go for a swim in the rooftop pool (Singapore) and have a good stretch of the legs. If you go via LA you get to wait in a stark little room with only a vending machine for amusement!

    Either way you are not going to be doing the stop over option if you are transporting firearms and both the American and Asian routes can facilitate this.

    I also find the Asia route to be a better journey in general and slightly quicker.

    Kind regards


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    +1 on not going LA, it was only worth it when you got the extra baggage allowance.

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    I would say go Singapore Airlines I do this trip each year and have had my rifle with me a few times , You just need to let the airline know you intend to have a firearm with you and you pay about $25 Singapore for a handling fee all pretty straight forward.

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    China southern airlines have great prices at the moment from 760-return 2 stops.

    I personally always use Cathy Pacific

    1- great service
    2- VIP passes to city of stop over, (hong kong/ kuala lumpa) all free tram/bus travel.
    3- great meals & roomy 777
    4- well priced ( see Sunday papers travel)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    +1 on not going LA, it was only worth it when you got the extra baggage allowance.
    What no extra baggage allowance now , the extra 20KG was worth it when flying via the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thar View Post
    What no extra baggage allowance now , the extra 20KG was worth it when flying via the US.
    Correct, 1 bag and carry on was all i could take last year, but i packed my carry on to its limit as i did my checked bag, i also got a lot in my rifle case, i flew with Delta (didnt go to New Zealand) to Montana, they were very lenient with my weight of checked bag, it was over limit but they let it through, 1 bag just isnt enough on a long haul/duration holiday.
    This thread has got my interest though, New Zealand is on my list for next year.

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