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    pro hunter

    hi whats your opinions on the pro hunter mrk 2, i had a few shots out of one last night and thought it a nice accurate rifle, your thought please warts and all

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    Not again, you will find the detractors are either b,s or have never owned one. It is a low mid range priced rifle. It is comfortable to use. It fires a two inch hunting group by a moderately good shot. Bench test, never tried, no interest. Cross hairs on deer, pull trigger, deer goes down. Found t8 too heavy for it so now have cmm4 and rifle is great. The clue is in the title. Pro hunter. Light to carry and nice to use. If all the critic have owned one there are thousands out there. If you want to target shoot buy accordingly. Paper will wait till you are ready.

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    100 yds off sticks says it all Attachment 28426 270W 130grn gamekings
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    I own 2 of them in .243. Both give 1 1/2" groups at 100 metres. Stock will stand ice, snow ,rain and mud with no loss of zero. Moved onto synthetics after wood stock on Sako warped after a good soaking in the Highlands. Had to borrow estate rifle. Humiliating. Shoot better with suppressor fitted and should be factory screw cut for that. Fit a decent scope and you are good to go. I use mine for foxes and deer. Anything I have missed has been down to operator error not the weapon.
    Good luck.

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    yes i havee heard lots of negative remarks, but the .260 that i shot last night shot a very good group. thanks for the replies

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    I have 2 one in .243 and a .270 both will shoot 1 inch groups at 100 meters and both have wildcat silencers on them.

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    I run a 6.5 and a 308 both fine just me that's lets the side down from time to time .

    Currently having a custom stock made for the 308 .
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    Great rifles although they are spoilt by the stocks. Got 2 thinking of getting a 308 mountain SS and getting an after market stock lie the RPA woodland stalker. My current two are 6.5x55 and 243. Here's the 6.5. Attachment 28447

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    I have a 6.5 like the stock on yours where did it come from, is weighty compared the factory stock ????

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    Yes it heavier fully bedded, movable cheek piece and can take or add spacers to butt pad. Had it done at Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks, they are based in Staffordshire and they were brilliant they make the RPA woodland stalker ones.

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