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Thread: Range near Reading/ Newbury

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    Range near Reading/ Newbury

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a rifle range (centrefire) near Reading or Newbury?

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    I shall be watching this very closely too.
    I wouldn't mind travelling that far for a decent range - no any range will do

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    sorry lads
    i don't know of a range in your area but i did try out a new indoor tunnel range in staffordshire a few weeks back

    which is open to the public now i beleive

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    Hi Nick,

    i use the National Shoting Centre at Bisley. you have to go through the hassle of joining the NRA but once you do you've got choices of 100 to 1000 yards. i only use the 100 and 200 range, and a lot of the time i'm either on my own or there are only a handful of people about.


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    Moodys Down MOD range might be a start - about half an hour south of Newbury down the A34, and Itchen Valley Shooting Club meet there every Sunday

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    Stone i have to say Mikes tunnel is the best range i have ever been to! He's going to go down in History with that tunnel and the way he has built it underground is very impressive and something people should learn from. I would recommend Mike Dickinsons Range for shooting rifles and great company, with him being a gunsmith he is very helpful if you have any problems with your rifle.

    Regards Brent

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