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Thread: Fox Trap

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    Fox Trap

    Found this trap on fleabay , anyone use them? opinions ? best bait?



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    I have used very similar ones with absolutely no success at all. I have baited them with chicken (they were on a free range poultry farm), rabbit, pigeon, pheasant and mixed offal and have trapped not a single fox. I have shot foxes les that 2 feet away from them at night.

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    Seen them used in London with success.

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    I think you are better off making one yourself as these are a little small for rural foxes to feel comfortable entering.
    One way you can utilise them is covered in small bales to make them more inviting.
    Best of all is your own cage incorporated into a 10x10 pen with some fowl in it.
    (although legally the cage needs to be there to defend your livestock rather than the livestock being there purely as 'bait' )

    My friends effort:

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    Had a few in mine but its sits in the door way to a shed.
    Ideally the best place would be to build one in to a chicken pen.

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    Hi Johno It looks a bit ropey, foxes can smash traps to bits trying to get out, and once they are out you will never trap them again.
    These are the ones I use.
    They are a lot more expensive though, although Trap Man does cheaper versions click the picture for his site.
    Always cover the base of the trap in soil, or turf, you will never get a fox to walk in if it is still galv mesh.
    I find they are best set next to walls or fences, make sure the fox can't get at the bait from the outside.
    To bait it just paunch a rabbit and empty its bladder near the trap.
    Good luck and let us know how you get on.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    trip mechanism is a poor design

    I have one where the bait hook activates the door

    caught a feral cat once....thats about it!

    ​prefer shooting them

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    trip mechanism is a poor design

    I have one where the bait hook activates the door

    caught a feral cat once....thats about it!

    ​prefer shooting them
    I prefer shooting them too but I dont always have the time .

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    I agree with Crosshair the bigger the better, try and get someone to make one ,as the traps for sale are to small,they would would probably catch urban foxes okay but out in the countryside cubs maybe, but i have found out over the years that they wont catch adults,so i got a couple of larger traps made by a friend and get plenty of foxes every year

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    I have seen and used all different types there are lots of reasons for failure and success too many to start listing, from placement,smell,even time of year the fox is a very sly animal and is a creature of habit but once it has been squeaked and lamped and even trapped but escaped they do become very elusive. One of the best results in bait I have used would be cat food, of which has caught me loads.

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