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Thread: Have you still got it?

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    Have you still got it?

    Just had a satisfying hour on the stick welding, 16 S.W.G. ride on mower cutter hood, zero holes blown!......... not been in trade mode for a couple of years now. Who else still dusts off their original skills set/s now & then? ...... I always wanted to be able sharpen knives just like my butcher mate, with that big steel flashing up & down!
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    Still got it when it comes to my old building skills,in the middle of building a raised patio involving a retaining wall and the block work is spot boll@ck,mostly by eye with the odd check,wish I could weld stainless steel though that would be a handy skill for me.

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    I used to run a building maintenance company very hands on, but I have been a Refrigeration Engineer for the last 16 years,but I still built an extension on my house in the last 4 years the only thing I did not do was the bricklaying and the plastering.

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    Funny enough I have been out welding and grinding today. Don't do a lot these days but still got it. Saves me paying someone else to do it. I used to have access to a workshop with mills and lathes but no more. Bum
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    Ha Ha... still got it but through no choice of my own!!! not enough work/cant afford to pay anyone so still climbing trees...i just admire the view a bit more than I used to!
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    Slaughterman to trade,been out of it for many years , but still got it, never far away from a dead animal and enjoy showing off my skill, never been a problem sharpening knives

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    I broke out the welder a couple of days ago and surprised myself managed to make a surprisingly neat job of patching up a old trailer. I havn't welded in 6 years and was honestly expecting to spend an afternoon getting back in the way of it and ended finnishing the job in an hour (spent the rest of the afternoon in the pub!!)


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    Not a welder but still got my old skills

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    just taken delivery of a tig so i will see as i have not done it in about ten years , trained as a greenkeeper and landscape gardener when i left school and the misses is always nagging at me to sort out the garden but i dont feel the urge anymore
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    Well I never 'had it' but here's my amateur effort with my little hobby stick welder... pinching a good 5/8" UNF threaded section off a donor bolt to restore one of the bolts which hold on the front wheel weights on my vintage tractor. They are original square headed 5/8 UNF bolts so I want to preserve if at all possible as they are impossible to find...

    No idea if this is how it's meant to be done because I've never had any training but it worked!

    ​Donor bolt and knackered bolt
    Click image for larger version. 

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    A good tack on one side to hold the two sides together
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    Turn it over and grind out a good slot to get the weld right in.... and bend until the two ends are straight!
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    Finish weld and tidy up with a file before anyone can make comments about how not pretty it is
    Click image for larger version. 

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    ​Job done!

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