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Thread: sausage question

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    sausage question

    I am going to have a go at some sausages,will be using roe meat and I've ordered some hog skins and some sheep skins and a few different mixes as well but believe I need to also include some pork fat into the mix,do I just get pork belly and at what ratio should I use it,also going to try my hand at some burgers do I need to add pork fat to these as well.

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    If you have a tame butcher he MIGHT sell you some pork back fat for next to nothing - Belly Pork is good however, and I would try about 20% and see how you get on.
    Fat in sausages helps to keep them moist , helps the texture and, of course, the taste - don't let the health Police talk you out of it. Good Luck - let us know how you get on

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    I normally add a third pork belly to two thirds venison, mix with your hands and you can sort of feel if it needs more fat or moisture, and fry a little piece before you stuff your skins as a taste tester. That will give you some idea, I like my taster piece to sizzle as it fries, not to be dry in texture but not to leak fat into the pan if that makes sense.

    As for burgers I never add any fat or egg, just some herbs and garlic maybe.

    The beauty of making your own sausages and burgers is you can tweak them to suit your tastes. Get yourself a notebook, write down what recipe you used an then ideas for next time

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    Cheers Ed i'll try and get some back fat then,our local butcher is pretty good but he does knock a few sausages out so I will give him a go thanks.

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    Thanks jubnut I wouldn't have thought of doing a tester makes sense,i'll try the burgers as it comes then with some seasoning thank you.

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    DAVID 1976 put a recipe up using lamb flank instead of pork bellies , I ran some of these off recently and can thoroughly recommend them... Check out recipies

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    Other alternatives to belly pork that we have used are pork cheeks and bacon offcuts, we have tried pork fat but the results were not as good, the bacon seems to work best. atb Tim

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    Thanks again guys for the tips,looks like a bit of experimentation is needed depending on what I can get hold of,got to say I think i'd probably prefer the lamb option myself,looking forward to rekindling my culinary skills.

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    I have been using this site for some time - there is loads of info and - like SD - the members are extremely helpful! View topic - Sausagemaker's beginner's guide to sausage making.

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    Monkey spankers recipe posted on here is very good.

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