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    Question Dsc 1

    I was asked by a good friend of mine today for some advice which i unfortunately cant give him so i thought i would throw it out there and see if any of the knowledgeable members of SD could help.

    We both did our DSC 1 last year (Myself doing the whole course and my mate only doing the assessment day) I passed but he failed one of the theory assessments. What he needs to know is if there is a run out date for the assessments that he has passed before he has to sit the whole lot again, also does anyone know who can offer the single assessment that he requires to complete his DSC 1. Only problem being he is currently based in Germany. Can this be done over there or will he need to back here to do it. Any help with this matter would be gratefully appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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    My understanding is that only the failed module must be retaken. I think he has two years. His training/testing org. will be the people to ask.

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