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Thread: ATV Training - Highlands

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    ATV Training - Highlands

    I'm trying to sort out some ATV (quad) training for me & have contacted the Inverness College UHI Scottish School of Forestry who do two day courses.
    The instructor there (Neil) told me that they currently do the training part (to LANTRA level I think) on an as needed basis & are trying to get to be full assessor status in the near future so they can do the full NPTC monty for FC requirements.(Beaurocracy ongoing!!!)
    The NHI has a couple of quads to use for the course & participants can bring their own to play on - obviously price would reflect the option taken.
    Is there anyone else interested in making up numbers for a course (they say to get costs right 4 candidates is best). I haven't got prices yet or any planned dates, so things are still fully flexible.
    I'm happy to collect names & keep all interested in the loop to try & make it happen. Just let me know & I'll manage it.


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    Hi Ian.

    I might be interested in this depending on timing/price.

    Another training/assessment centre option would be HBSRing on the Black Isle. I've done other certificates through them previously and they were spot on. If you decide to look them up to check availability ask to speak to Isla.

    Let me know how you get on.


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    Wheesht Your name is on the list - thanks for the input - I'll find out about as many providers as possible to get us the best deal.


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    There is a bloke called Roddy Gillies who does it to Lantra and is very flexible on numbers and location. I can supply his number if you need

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    R&R - Thanks for the heads up on Roddy - yes his contact details would be useful thanks.


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    Nod, nod, wink, wink, the Stalking Directory Facebook Page already has a training video available to watch regarding Quad Bikes, its been there a while...
    There's always next week...

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    Thanks for the wink Wireless - I still remember your offer!


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