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Thread: Sika South Lanarkshire

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    Sika South Lanarkshire

    Hi All

    I wouldn't expect anyone to be too specific but would anyone be aware of Sika spreading their territory in South Lanarkshire?

    I'm aware they are present on the Biggar side of the M74 but now wonder if they may have crossed over onto the Western side of the M74.

    I'm starting to see signs on our ground that we are sure are not Roe, no-one has seen a beast yet or heard any "whistling".

    Can anyone confirm this possible territory spread?....



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    Yes they have definitely been shot on the West side of the M74 but Im not sure of the exact location.

    I have this info from a member of the Deer Management Group who is involved in a lot of sika culling and knows the contract stalkers working in the area.

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    I hope so, my main stalking area is in Lanarkshire, only 5 miles or so from the M74. Not seen or heard anything yet though.

    I did see some slots that were way too big for roe recently mind. The place occasionally has an odd sheep wondering through it but to my inexperienced eye they seemed too large for sheep. 8)

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    I know the ground your talking about and i doubt it, but would love to be proved wrong.


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    Hi Moose

    Are you from round these parts? How do you know my ground?



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    The motorway and railway is a hell of a barrier that I think only the odd sika might cross in that area. The Annandale fallow extend right up to the motorway a bit south of where you mean but have never made it across to the east.

    I'd hoped to see the fallow get across but they just don't so maybe the traffic disturbance is just too much for them and so they're pretty much blocked from moving east but they have spread north an south.

    Sika though will go where they want so fingers crossed.

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    My dogs have bolted a couple over the last year or so.

    I live very near Biggar, in a small village called Wiston. I regularly take the dogs along when fishing - occassionally on the west side of the M74 there's a stretch of river i like to fish after work so usually return to the car in the dark. Both occassions have been in failing light.

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    Thanks for the feedback, until a beastie is seen we can't be sure....., however it's more than possible now i know there confirmed sitings on our side....


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    Roe steak

    I totally agree with you, the M74 and railway seems to be a barrier definatly for the fallow, i stalk both sides of the 74 at Johnstone bridge and the only record we had of fallow on the East side was a skull and some bones.Poachers me thinks .I have saw fallow in the fields right next to the motorway but they just don't seem to cross.


    Sika are in your area,i've saw them on the edges of the forestry on the other side of the Clyde from you,this is just over the hill from Tweedsmuir which is lifting with them. Again i'm not sure whether they've crossed the Clyde and the railway yet, but its possible at this time of the year with the stags wandering.


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    moose, there was a claim of a 'red stag' being shot a mile from johnstone bridge years back that was taken by the Germans on the Annandale estate.

    That was more likely as sika that had made it across. Peter F woukd know more but hey, who knows!

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