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Thread: Port suggestions

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    Port suggestions

    Its a good mates birthday on Friday and I know he likes a glass of good 20 year old port, can anyone suggest a good breed?

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    Re: Port suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by kernel gadaffi
    Its a good mates birthday on Friday and I know he likes a glass of good 20 year old port, can anyone suggest a good breed?
    Anything with a date on it is likely to be OK as port producers only declare a vintage in a year when the product is good enough. Not all producer will declare a vintage in any given year and sometimes you can go a few years without a vintage being declared.

    So if you can find a Warre, Graham, Taylors, Quinta da Noval, from 1985, 1983, 1980 or 1977 these would fit the bill. The best of these is the 1977 which was the best for 30 years followed by the 1985. Expect to pay about 50

    The 1994 was outstanding, the best for 70 years, and closely followed by the 1997, 2000 and 2003 all of which were very good indeed. These are really all too young to drink right now bit if I was buying a bottle to keep rather than drink it would be one of these.

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    you could also look at Fonseca or maybe a crusted port
    but Dows seems to be available at a lot more places
    as for year
    i would certainly go for either the 77 or 85 as they are easier to obtain and drinking well
    and if you were thinking of a present for keeping ,
    like Paul says the 94 is a very good choice but really needs another 10 years atleast to mature before drinking still to sweet in my opinion
    but also check the labels so you know what you hav bought
    just incase you confuse vintage with a late bottle vintage (LBV)
    there is a distinct difference between the 2
    and price wise aswell

    which area are you in as i might know of a little back street shop that has a lot more range than your local supermarket shelf

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    If hes a real port man then get him 1963 Taylors, Dows or Grahams he won't be disapointed,


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