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Thread: determining what Rizzini shotgun you have

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    determining what Rizzini shotgun you have

    Does anyone know how to recognise what model of rizzini I have if I supply the serial number. For the life of me I cannot find a serial number list on the web.

    It is a Rizzini B in 20 bore fixed chokes. The only other lettering engraved is in front of the trigger guard and it is ICAM.
    Serial No:11433

    There engraving scenes have 2 ducks on the left, a woodcock underneath and 2 partridge on the right.


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    Id say a Argo or a omnium,

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    Thanks Yorkshire Lad.

    You were not far away, I finally got confirmation from Rizzini and it is a rizzini .b S780 EM which was the predecessor to the Omnium. It is surprise that the gun was built in the 80's, it is practically unused.

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