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Thread: Moth ???

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    Moth ???

    This appeared in my house hovering around our kitchen light the other night, assume its a moth of some kind as it was at night, but it was quite large for a moth, never seen one before, any ideas??

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    Cockchafer beetle, (May bug)

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    Quote Originally Posted by duffus View Post
    Its a cockchafer.
    So I've been told but nonetheless I take delivery of my leather stalking trousers next week.

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    Better get a chainmail Box too

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    or a moth proff box
    on a pos note, use a moth proof net and the old balls in a box works

    Quote Originally Posted by CWMMAN3738 View Post
    Better get a chainmail Box too

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    Or plenty of vasalene/lube to stop the chaffing, lol

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    We call them billy whitch's and were great fun playing billy whitch tennis bazil

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    Usually live around stinging nettles feeding on other insects. Also known as a Maybug ,will fly to a light,so when you have had your door or windows open in the dark might have flown in then. You may have cut some stingers down outside causing it to move. Won't do any damage inside not a problem.Wf1

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    Thanks for the ID Guys, never seen or heard of one before now.
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