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    Anyone use one.

    As im now holding onto my 20 cal im thinking of saving up for one.

    WFT > worlds finest trimmer that is.

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    got them in stock
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    +1 for Wilson - superb trimmer.


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    Bobjs, I have something very similar (and actually better!) made by CTS, CTS Case Trimmer Review (In Depth and pic heavy)) -

    Only thing is I wouldn't recommend either for 20cal cases, I find 223 are bad enough to have to hold onto (but I do have large hands) and I would assume the smaller 20cal would be even worse. They are perfect for my 308 though

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    That looks ideal. I'm going to drop them an email and se if they do one for the 204 ruger and if so will they ship to the uk, many thanks

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    They do

    And I should know!, at the time I ordered my 308 and 223 trimmers they didn't do one so I sent over some sized and trimmed 204 Ruger cases for them to use as a template and had one made for my friends Howa

    Fairly sure they won't ship to the UK (but certainly worth asking!), they used to sell on Ebay US but Ebay decided they couldn't sell them on there!. I had mine delivered to a friend in Florida and picked them up while we were over.

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    hi. just gave them an email and got one in 204 and one in 270, should be here in 5 days, i will put a review up when I get it, thanks

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    Excellent stuff Can I ask what he's charging for them and the shipping?, used to be $42.95 and payable via Paypal, thanks

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    still the same mate. plus a tenner for postage

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