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Thread: FL sizing .300win mag Brass

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    FL sizing .300win mag Brass

    Hi all,

    Is the proccess of resizing .300 win mag brass the same as for any other calibre, i.e. setting up the FL re-sizing die is the same? With it being a belted round and the base being slightly different, I'm now thinking either there is a different method for setting up the sizing die, or that the internals of the die are such that this is taken into account?

    Any advice would be great



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    I've reloaded the 300 win mag alot over the years, I got longer case life and in some cases better accuracy by setting up the die to just resize the neck and not push back the shoulder of the case. Essentially using the cartridge case shoulder to control head-space instead of the belt.You should check that your rifle will chamber cases resized in this way, some rifles require alittle deeper seating in the die to chamber easily. I smoke the fired cartridge's case mouth and slowly adjust the die down until it just touches the shoulder, check to see if the empty case chambers easily and resize all the cases from there. I've found this technique works well with all sharp shouldered belted cartridges.


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