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Thread: Site members. Who does/ Who does'nt ???

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    Site members. Who does/ Who does'nt ???

    Hi everybody from what i seem mostly to read on here most Lady's & Gents seem to have there own land with deer on it. When you see "out on my patch"
    I only wish i was one who could say the same i do have land but with no deer. I no it does'nt really help with me living on the border of Greather Manchester & Lancashire. I have asked for permmision were i know there are deer about 20 miles from me but with United Utilites owning the land they just reject me. So all my stalking is accompied, but he is a great chap who helps me.
    From time to time i fill the car up with fuel & drive were ever i think there could be deer & just hope for the off chance that the land owner says "yes young chap"
    So out of curiossity i am wondering how many on here have there own land with ( deer on there patch )
    Thank you for your vote. WEEMAN

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    For give me if i hav'nt set the poll up correctly dam my PC skills.

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    I have my own areas weeman and feel sorry for those who do not have deer near them.May i suggest a change of address travel north young man there is stalking to be had in abundance up here. i picked up a small area yesterday and the land owner asked me. You only live once and if deerstalking is your life then go for it.

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    Site Members. Who does/ Who Doesn't

    Weeman, Don't give up. You may need to venture further afield but stick to it and it will come. My premissions have come and gone over the years, but were mainly by chance encounters. One in the pub went "Can you come and shoot the muntjac eating my roses". In a dozen visits I shot 7 over three months before the raiding stopped.

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    L.D.G Me & the good MRS are serious about moving north via the Lake district or up to Scotland, it gets a little complicated because we have good secure jobs with the councill & with whats happening at the moment with the reccession just a little tricky. I have sent numerous letters to estates asking for a chance to prove my worth to them but its come to no prevail, but i am not one to give up.
    TECHMAN I will not give it im not after cullin loads i wood be more than great full on settlein for half a dozen.
    There is one thing when driving i get to see this wonderful side certainly on a morning like this.

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    Obtaining permission is easy!

    First you need to register with the police for Humane Dispatch at road Traffic Collisions (RTC's). You may well need an open ticket for this depending on location. Speak to your FEO for advice on this one. You will soon become aware of accident 'black-spots' where it is quite likely that little or no deer management is carried out. Approach local landowner and inform him you work on behalf of the police and are trying to establish why so many deer related accidents are occuring in this area. ( well - it's sort of true!? ) The police link has already given you an air of authority and safety!
    Ask if you could speak with his deer manager to discuss what could be done to help matters. Chances are he won't have one or not a very good one! This is your chance to offer a highly efficient deer management service - free of charge!
    P.S. Don't bother trying this in Suffolk as someone already has most of it sewn-up!!

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    im in the same boat weeman,i have been trying now for 5 years to get my own bit but with no luck yet ,but it will come one day.i have been so close and then bang something has gone tits up.good luck mate and fingers crossed for us all who keep on trying.

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    weeman, it took me 18 years of looking and asking to eventually get a descent patch local to me [in suffolk Monkey Spanker ] even that came through a friend of a friend since then l managed to get the niebouring estate as well, just keep trying.

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    I was told the DI were to sort out problem areas and after they had were meant to leave a competent stalker on the ground so the deer don't get out of hand afterwards.That might be worth a try and it certainly makes sense to do it that way. Also if you contact them they will give you all the stats on road accidents black spots etc.Its freedom of information as they used government money to do the surveys.

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    I have deer on mine but the thieving, poaching scumbags have reduced my numbers considerably.

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