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Thread: Scope durability rating

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    Scope durability rating

    If you had to Rate S & B, SWAROVSKI, ZEISS & KAHLES IN ORDER OF ROBUSTNESS/DURABILITY How would you guys place them?

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    Schmidt and bender at the top , no doubt in my mind . It's what most 1st world and NATO army's use on sniper rifles and thier durability is one reason they've been chosen by the us recently .

    However , the other brands are all top stalking scopes .
    just my opinion , I've handled them all but only actually own leupold and Schmidt and bender .

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    Leupold MK4 would come first, S&B, then the rest about the same. Older steel tubed fixed magnification models being tougher than the newer alloy variables.
    Current battery, Air Arms TX200 MK3 .177, Hawke Vantage SF 3-12x40, Anschutz 1427B .22LR Sporterised Biathlon rifle, A-TEC wave mod Nikon 4.5-14x40, Tikka M595 .222Rem Leupold 6.5-20x40 LR. Howa 1500 APC .308win Varmint Nikko FFP 6-24x50 Wildcat Evo. Sauer 202 Classic XT .243Win Leupold VX3 4.5-14x50 Wildcat Evo.

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    ive owned a few s+b and non of them ever held zero like the ziess i currently use i always seemed to be just giving my schmidts a couple of clicks this way or that but ive never touched my ziess since zeroing

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