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Thread: Howa bases and rings

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    Howa bases and rings

    Could any howa owners please tell what bases and rings do you have on your rifles , anyone using a 56mm obj please what height rings do you have . Anyone using a picatinny rail , and does it truly cock up loading from the top ?

    Thanks Brough

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    I use a picatinny rail, it's shaped to fit over the ejector port without hindering operation. Loading from the top is not a problem. As for mounts, well I'm not sure if mine are medium or high but the scope is 50mm obj and there's easily another 3mm clearance. Mine is set high to see over the moderator with neoprene cover.

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    Attachment 28462Attachment 28463I use medium leupold rings and bases on a 56mm scope but it is a sporter barrel also the howa1500 ones are the same as thr remington 700 and weatherby there's about 1mm
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    Have a look at game reaper one peice rings & bases - Portsmouth gun centre usually stocks them for howa (pop round for a coffee next week and look at my howa as that's what I have on it)

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    I have a picatinny on mine with a 50mm obj. can be a bit fiddly if the round doesn't go in properly. I suppose the way round it is to have a magazine conversion, that way you wont need to load from the top.

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    Don't think mag conversion available for long action
    sorted now with grim reaper one piece
    ​thanks Brough

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