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Thread: Stag1933 post in General Discussion

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    Stag1933 post in General Discussion

    In Stag1933's post in the General Discussion section, he has uploaded picture of a Stag and described it as having a "Dicky Dangler". I think it's pretty obvious to what this refers to, but can anyone explain what this actually is and what has caused this? Is it a blockage/infection?

    The post is here:

    Thought the post was more appropriate here rather then interrupting the flow of the original post.

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    Earlier this year I saw a fallow pricket with the very same condition but he was not on one of my perms . Looks very painfull.
    Perhaps Morena can shed some light on this.


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    Answer to Dicky Dangler. Normally known as angleberry ( Fibropapilloma ) in cattle. Get lumps and bumps in the skin which grows and then drags it down as they are quite solid. Thought due to a viral infection . Doesn't spread and can be many. Usually seen in fallow on the lower parts of the abdomen. First I have seen not in a fallow..

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    Thanks Mornea, it doesn't look comfortable at all!

    Would this have any affect on the carcase or could you just cut out the lump?


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