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Thread: Lee Loading Kit in .308win

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    Lee Loading Kit in .308win

    Just put my old Lee Loader on Ebay if anyone is interested.

    Item Number: 140197546740

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    are these any good?

    how long does it take to reload, say 20 rounds?

    do you need to purchase any other tools?


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    I haven't really got any way of comparing it to a press as I've never used one but I used to produce 20 rounds in about as many minutes (mind you, it's been a while since I used it and the memory isn't getting any better so it might be longer).

    If I remember rightly...decap, clean pocket, resize case, seat primer, add powder, add bullet. The only other tool you really need is a soft faced hammer (Yep, makes you go a bit funny the first time you hammer!) and a caliper for measuring overall length is useful. Important thing is to follow the instructions.

    I used it to produce a cracking little load for roe...using a 120grain round nose Speer. Bullet was a bit stubby so became a bit unstable beyond 120m but up to there was excellent. Also produced some 150g rounds for reds, always performed perfectly. I would say they were as good as factory loads through my horrible Ruger All Weather (thank heavens that's gone)

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