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    Well I'd been going through the kit checking out what's worn or damaged, decided I needed some replacement flip ups for three scopes, went on Ebay yesterday morning & found some butler creeks, properly advertised with size charts, I have just fitted them to the rigs this morning!, pretty good service what with the postal probs! 8)

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    If it was a trader how about a link to Their Ebay Shop.

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    Stand Buck, I don't recall seeing a link for his shop,(I wouldn't be able to move it anyway!), but his screen name is ant-supplies, located Swansea, you can find him through that, Steve.

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    Ta Spankey!

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    There are a quite a few dealers selling scope cover on e-bay, and they offer good value and service, just search "scope cover" "butler creek" "bushwhacker" etc.

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    If you have a 47-49 objective lens the all rubber German extension socket weatherproof covers work great and clip on stiff and well, cost me 6.5 euros and I get a socket for the hedgetrimmer thrown in.

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    Well good luck to you FB,my experience with Butler Creek covers has been abysmal, if you google it you will see all the complaints.Trying to complain to BC is a waste of time because there is no way to contact them electronically..

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    I just use one of these:

    Protects the full scope and mounts, never breaks and comes off in a second!

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    I've used this Guy ANT-Supplies, and presume its the same retailer, through his none ebay shop and he's been very helpful and swift with deliveries

    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Here you go:
    Looks like he is shut for a few days though!?

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