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    fake skull

    Hello i have found pair of good cast antlers and wanted to mount them on a scull, i have been told that you can buy plastic skulls and screw the antlers on but all i can find are cammo ones does anyone know whare i can get any white ones. cheers

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    Roger Saunders at JAGERSPORT.

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    I got one a couple of years ago for a pair of red deer antlers, after the head shot with 150 grain Federal .308 there wasn't much skull left to support the antlers. To be honest you have to look close to realise its not real skull and that's mounted along side a few roe skulls

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    Dont know what species? Thee is a few here. Jagersport

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    Thats great thanks very much for replies.

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    I have a few of them, and find them quick and easy to set up. My avatar picture is one!

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