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    Well this is what I remember I've had a busy weekend so I was chilling at about 9.30 pm and got up to go to the kitchen when I felt very quickly unwell next thing I know mrs Norma was about to administer mouth to mouth without my permission and it wasn't my birthday for another few weeks lol .i woke up and mrs Norma drove me to A&E .
    well what a very nice and helpful group of people at Northampton general and thanks for sorting me out .ive just gotta take the sticky tabs off my chest now ouch

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    Hope all is well mate

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    Yes thanks scarey experience for mrs Norma it was a surreal moment I just woke thinking what am I doing sleeping next to the sofa ! They think It was due to very little sleep in 48 hrs not enough to eat or drink and a touch of the sun stroke !
    Quite a lot of things went through my mind on the drive to the hospital I can tell you .

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    I am glad you are OK mate. Now go to bed and get some rest....

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    Been there mate,and glad you were ok.


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    Best wishes for a quick recovery mate, get plenty of rest

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    hope you have a speedy recovery, doug. as for the sunstroke, what sun !!!!
    wishing you well.

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    Seem ok mate cheers perhaps a little lifestyle change required, and more water in the whisky lol .cheers mate .stalking tonight great tonic.
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    Doug wot size boots are you atb Trevor

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    sunstroke come on mate we have not had any of that yellow stuff this year, hope you get sorted out soon ,atb wayne
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