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Thread: Mentor - Whats Required

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    Mentor - Whats Required

    Ive been asked by a mate to be his mentor , he already has an FAC with .22rf but wants to put in for .243 , as a mentor what am I expected to do ?

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    Fairly simple , when he goes out with his rifle you go also and give him any pointers regarding the safe use , once you feel he is competent you issue a letter the the lincensing police force saying you beleive him to be fit and competent for the said caliber.thats basicly it .

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    Tell him not to accept a named mentor condition, it's a nightmare for all concerned. If he has an FAC already and has a need for a deer rifle that should be enough. Tell him to take advise off BASC if he is a member. I did it once and it was very cumbersome and limiting for the guy.

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    I've just done it for a friend or should I say now friend one of my farmers son in law,he was a new FAC holder so they insisted on it and both he and I were happy with that,the crunch now comes as he's sent his licence in to have the conditition removed which will basically now restrict him to the condition of on land approved by the chief constable over which he has permission so he won't be allowed to accompany me onto land which I have permission to shoot and hasn't been cleared for use up to his calibre of .243 and a lot of mine hasn't,he can still use my gun but can't use his,shame really as he'd still be with me but that's the way it is,he'll still be able to come on land with me that has been cleared,if your mates got an open ticket he'll be ok there but I rekon D&C will probably insist on it for a deer calibre.
    All it involves really is showing him the ropes and for you to be able to say yeah this guy is safe and understands what a good backstop is and your happy for him to carry on unaided.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johno100 View Post
    Ive been asked by a mate to be his mentor , he already has an FAC with .22rf but wants to put in for .243 , as a mentor what am I expected to do ?
    If you are allowing yourself to be his only named mentor it might be good to have a chat about what his expectations are around how many times you will both be getting out ( how many commitments do you already have)

    Ive been mentoring a friend and have just had another chap add me as his mentor as the Police have stipulated he has to have a named mentor ( right or wrong its not my argument)

    Hopefully the guy will be looking to learn just about everything you can ram down his throat.

    Good luck I enjoy it

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Hiya, I was my mates mentor, he's in Bristol, (Avon and Somerset Police), I'm in cost him a fortune,travelling up and down every 6 weeks or so... but was worth it for him...and me.....he shot 4 Roe, and three foxes during the mentoring period.
    Basically, I had to keep a log of our stalks, and any shots he took, safety, and the gralloch. I think I've still got one of the empty log books if you want it, just PM me yer addy, and I'll get it off to you, it will show you what they want YOU to do.....
    After about 8 months mentoring, when i was satisfied he was safe, ( he was already) I wrote to his FEO enclosing the said log book and pics of his kills. They removed his "closed" ticket and gave him an "open" one..

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    I hate this and I feel for guys with this condition, I just had a young lad I've been working with be an open ticket on his first grant of his FAC because in the application process we could show he was already capable and had land authority at two locations for deer, fox and vermin.

    The key thing though is evidence as Norrie said above...

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    Can someone please tell me where in the FA 1968, or any amendments where a person has to be "mentored" in order to get a centrefire rifle ???. It is only the Police who ask for this requirement!!. My view is that once this starts and get going it will become the norm, and we have nobody to blame but ourselves, if the wheel comes off, then the Police will say aaah well Jimmy ??? was his mentor and he is (a scapegoat) to blame and not us (the Police)

    Why on earth are we putting the Police's policy into use, and if this does happen neither BASC or the other organisations will get very far when they try and ask for a reversal of this self implemented policy

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    I don't understand how this situation has come about, your 'need/reason' should dictate what firearms you apply for and your references/background/medical/security checks should ensure that you are suitable to own them.

    I'm not knocking the idea of learning the ropes from a more experienced person, I think most of us have benefited from this at some point, but I can't see how some Police forces are getting away with forcing it on people. Imagine if, after gaining a drivers licence, some forces required you to only drive in pairs!

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    Its obvious where and why this situation has come about...

    The Police like everybody else these days want somebody else to blame removing the onus of accountability/ blame from themselves.

    Not unlike any building site where a method statement will usually go a long way in removing the builder from accountability if its not adhered to.
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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