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    Unhappy A i mags

    Im trying to fit a 223 Ai mag to my Tikka T3, i have the right bottom metal ,but find the lips on the mag need to be machined or filed, this will allow the mag to go deeper into the action to allow the bolt to catch /push the case into the chamber.With the standard mag the bolt goes strait over the top of the case
    Has anybody else found this .

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    I have not used the aics mag system but I beleive that most need some tweaking to feed flawlessly from other threads on UK varminting

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    Hi buddy of mine fitted the same as you he had to file the plastic sides down of the ai mag not a big job but has to be dont just the same

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    recently fitted a new stock to a 595 and was left with the same problem, bolt would only pickup a case if i pushed the mag up hard into the well. needed the inlet for the bottom metal deepening by a couple of mill then it was fine, is your AICS bottom metal a but thicker/deeper than the stock one? that might cause the mag to be locating lower in the action than in the standard format and allowing the bolt to pass over the top.

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    Thanks Lads ive been on the phone to Ai and they say the mag is only designed for a remmi 700 so if you do want to fit it to a tikka you have to file or mill the lips a couple of mill just to allow it to seat a little deeper.
    ​so thanks for your replies,and on the mill in the morning

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    You do not need to alter anything on the plastic 223 or metal 308 mags when fitting to a T3.
    Fit mag system so that the cartridge is presented with about 2.5mm positive pick up.

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    MUst say that as an AICS user the new polymer .223 mag is excellent and should be easy to file/modify. Also cheap at about 30.


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