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Thread: Vauxhall Monterey 3.1 diesel

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    Vauxhall Monterey 3.1 diesel

    Hi All,

    Due to needing a replacement van and rising insurance costs, im selling my shooting truck, Its a P reg Vauxhall Monterey, Manual, 150kish 5 door, silver/gold, electric windows. 2 new General Grabber tyres on the rear probably only done 2-3k cost 220 from memory about a year ago. Its got a few dents and scratches, fairly big one on the rear from a prang i had ,arial snapped off, Runs well until a few months back occasionally cuts out, but starts up again after a couple of minutes, im sure its a fuel cut off switch or something, but im not a mechanic. Other than that i Think its fine Mechanically, Tax has run out but MOT runs till October. I have a dog Guard for it that cost me 90 as the dog took a liking to the seat belts and has chewed them a bit. Ill give it a bit of a clean up and post some pictures. would rather keep it for shooting but it just costs me too much for a car that sits there 5-6 days a week. I am looking for 600 for it with the dog gaurd or 550 without. Wont be around for too long as ill will either put it on ebay or sell it to a breaker as i've been offered a fairly good price, just wanted to offer it to someone that shoots first. Ill be open to reasonable offers, as i would like the room back on the drive.

    Atb Matt

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    Price drop 550 with dog gaurd and 500 without

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