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Thread: Latex / Nitryle gloves

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    Latex / Nitryle gloves

    I must admit its been a while working thro my stockpile of gloves for Gralloching that I now find I need more. The prices vary widely and so I was wondering where you get yours? I need the biggest they make having fingers like pig T*ts. Can anyone recommend a supplier?

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    Scats/ mole valley. Also read agri aren't too far from you.

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    I got mine off eBay from Ford's online shop:
    Box of 100 Bodyguard 4 Blue Nitrile Powdered Disposable Gloves | eBay
    £5.68 inc P&P for a box of 100

    Not sure they come up in "kin 'uge" size, just S, M & L!

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  4. #4 is where i bought mine from as well as the blue sleeves

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    MY dentice or a fireman medic pal at airport thay are called Supertouch Disposable Powderfree Nitrile Gloves thay have small ridges on tips that give a good grip small med and lg and exlarge £ 58 per 1000 gloves so 500 pr's i pay bugger all as my detice is a shooter
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    We sell them at work for £4.50/box plus VAT. Would be too expensive to post.

    I'd look at agricultural merchants too.

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    Decroyffe? on the PW Forum had some boxes (1000prs) for a fair price - cheaper if collected.

    Barnsley area if I recall......


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    We do the powder free versions at £5.31 + £2.50 p&p (box 100) - might not be the cheapest in the market however they are good quality and we support the SD forum...

    We also do the over-sleeves which are great for keeping your sleeves/arms blood free and also tie off an end to use as a pluck bag..


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    Aldihave them in £4.98box
    Atb tom

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