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Thread: A nice invite stalk

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    A nice invite stalk

    A friend from The Hunting Life called up the other day to ask me to have a look at one of the places he looks after.
    They are suffering terrible deer damage which was eveident all over the place, which happened to be 70 acres of stunning woodland (small family pile )
    After a rake aboot, it was evident that around 4 or 5 bucks were in residence, and doing some amount of damage. After an initial wander, and a wee sit about for a bit, we finally were presented with a shot at a smallish buck which was busy chewing it`s way through the ornamental hedges !.
    It really was the last 10 minutes of shootable light and I really had the chance to see how the Swaro performed, even getting to compare with my Opticron bins (night and day ! obvious where the money goes when looked at in these conditions)
    Anyway, dropped the buck with a shot to the chest, which then jumped up and leapt into the undergrowth. Step up Tattie (daughter of Spud!) Who promptly loctated the laid out beast allowing us to get it cleaned before it was totally dark.
    A lovely place and a lovely invite, which hopefully will be repeated because it`s certainly not everyone who gets the chance to stalk in these beautiful surroundings.

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    Nice picture, too...
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Well done and that's a fine looking hound you've got there too!

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    The dog was my hosts

    Bloody cracking wee thing. Never been a fan of Borders, but have seen a few lately that are doing a job of work, and are doing it well. She was a cracker.

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    Nice one RA i have Borders for many a year and some good ones nice wee dog but can in my opinion be to hard and stubborn.

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