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Thread: First buck this year

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    First buck this year

    i went up to our lease a couple of weeks ago the first day was wet and windy with the wind seeming to blow in every direction but as i'd driven 280 miles you get what you get and put up with it so after the wet day
    i decided to have a seat day we have some low seat box's dotted around a large patch restock so i stalked to the area and as soon as i sat down i spotted a Doe 300 yds out in the grass and after a few minutes another the first was very pregnant and the other was last years fawn so after having a nice morning i sneaked out and away trying not to disturb them to go back for a big fry up with my mate and the dog went on point (GWP) looking up a ride to my left
    there was a deer feeding broadside so its up on the sticks flip open the scope cover which the deer heard. dam another Doe so after she took off went and had my bacon.
    we had both spotted a few deer that morning and was saying how the weather makes all the difference so later that day it was back to the box on the restock sat there for an hour and all of a sudden a deer appeared
    out of nowhere 250 yds out in the open, yes another doe so after watching her for an hour the light started to fade and she disappeared into the scenery again after five minuets "she" walked out again
    But now she'd grown some antlers this buck must have been there all the time he was 150 yds out so i knocked him over as i lifted my head from the rifle two deer took off . First thought was OH SH*T was it my buck but they where clearly do'es, by now the dark was coming in and i'd lost my bearings a bit on the buck so i let the dog out of the box and sent him on his way off he went like a rocket in a big sweeping arc to my right (down wind to the deer) I need'nt have worried about it he went straight to it after picking up the scent it was nothing special a small head but it had 6 points but it was a good size by now it was pitch black. I was happy with my day and happier i had my Dog so he had a heart and i had a pint in the pub later


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    I hope you enjoyed your success and the cold beer afterwards!?

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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