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Thread: mtc viper scope

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    mtc viper scope

    Has anyone got/ used an mtc viper or any mtc scope, they seem to be good value for money, i can only find reviews refering to airifles. are these suitable for a fulbore? thanks.

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    Don't do it.

    My father is an old miser and bought one against my advice. A few weeks later and we're lying 60yds from the roe. i could see them clearly through my scope but he couldn't see a thing through his. It wasn't that dark.

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    I tend to agree, air rifle scopes are for air rifles and CF scopes are for centrefire rifles, I'm afraid to say you get what you pay for, so the big brands tend to win hands down for CF rifles.

    Ive had alot of cheaper scopes and ended up selling them on at a big loss in order to buy a S&B, Nightforce, Ziess etc. The more you spend the better quality glass you get, which gives you the ability to see later into the evening, all scopes are good during the daylight hours, theres only a few that are good in twlight.

    I once bought two top of the range Leupolds and went stalking Fallow in Berkshire, Its was nearly dark when I saw a good Fallow buck, I couldnt see it, so my friend shot it using his Ziess, you could say a lesson learnt for me.

    If you are on a budget either save for a good brand, or try and find a good quality second hand one, you wont regret it!

    Hope this helps.

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    many thanks to both of you, i think i will wait till i can afford something decent. ive just bought a howa stainless varmint, it came with a nikko stirling 3-9x40, i will have to make do with this for my next stalking trip. thanks again for the advice.

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    Hope you get on well with your Howa! I have three of them one in 204 Ruger, one in .243 and one fully customised 7mm Rem Mag they are well built and good value for money, enjoy!

    Kindest Regards

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    thanks howaboutthat. cant use it till next stalking trip, feels good and solid. will update after trip.

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