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Thread: how long have you waited for a variation

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    how long have you waited for a variation

    when my certificatewas up for reanual i put in an application for another firearm , now , Ive had shotguns for 30 years and firearms for 28 years so its reasonable to say they know just about everything they need to . I was visited by the FEO who shook the cabinets , looked at my guns and pointed them out the window (good job the nieghbours didnt see him) and checked the numbers but only on half the guns ? He then asked me about why i needed the other gun and said "i shouldnt be dealing with this really , one of my bosses should be" anyway off he went . My certificate expired and now Im on my second temerary ticket , so after waiting 2 months i phoned to see what was going on , 1 chap told me i wouldnt be allowed it but he had passed the file on , i tried to reach this other officer who was out of the office but would be in tomorrow so i phoned back next day only to be told they were out of the office but had written to me and the letter would be with me the next day , it never turned up . Given they have all the information they need and the job i do i would think a 2 month wait was a bit over the top

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    12 weeks for me to get a 308 added then another 5 weeks to get it back when 308 bought and 243 sold

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    The longest was 9 weeks, shortest 4 days at which i was speachless for about 10mins, i read it maybe 5-6 times making sure they had done everything correctly. They had, so was very impressed....
    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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    Longest 9 weeks but shortest was the same day (if the mind is willing) sometimes its if they want to help you!

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    Ring up and ask to speak to head firearms administrator,it ain't going to hurt,had a similar thing a few years ago,rang up to find out why mine wasn't back,I was told person doing my renewal was on holiday for 3 weeks,I said that's not sitting in someone's tray any longer,then I asked to speak to topman,had it back within a few days

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    They are scared to make a decision and are passing the buck. Ask your organisation to contact them.

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    My mate has been waiting since last november for a 1 for 1 variation Gwent police.

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    never ring them do everything via email and keep it proper formal they dont like it and things usually go quite quickly

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    I must say, in all the dealings I've had with wilts, Hants and Thames Valley, I've never received anything other than prompt courteous and helpful replies.
    Wilts were definitely the best with 'whilst you wait' one for one variations.

    I sent my FAC off last week to have my ammo limits raised so let's watch this space to see how prompt TVP are

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