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Thread: Left handed rifles

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    Left handed rifles

    Hi any lefties out there with any rifle recommendations was looking at a Sako 85 but dont think they do it in left handed, after 6.5 x 55 Cal so any recomendations?

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    Likewise being left handed you will have limited choice.

    Was talking to the GMK people at the game fair last year re the 85 not being in left handed - there is no intention to do so as they are taking the view that the left handed T3 should cater for all those wanting left handed rifles.

    Other choices are thus:

    Sako 75 or earlier models.
    Sauer 202, Mauser M03 or Blaser R93 and given the switch barrel nature is available in a wide range of calibres.
    Remington 700 and Ruger M77 - but not in a huge range of calibres.
    CZ - in small calibres and have recently introduced in .375H&H so would expect to become available in deer calibres.
    Heym - both the current SR21 and earlier SR20's are very nice rifles - Holts have one in 7x64 in their auction tomorrow.

    The other alternative is to go for a single shot or lever action which are more ambidextrous.

    My one bit of advice is don't get too hung up on the calibre, rather find a good rifle that suits you in a deer suitable calibre - ie something between .243 and 30-06. If you are wanting a specific calibre probably the Sauer 202 / M03 / R93 is the way to go, although the T3 has a good range of left handed calibres (allegidly).

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    Myself is a left handed shooter but i shoot with right hand models. I first started to shoot with the PCP air rifle which were all at the time only for right handed people.
    When i got into fire arm's i again started to shoot with right handed models from the club ranges, so by that time i was only use to right handed.
    When i came to buying my first fire arm i tryed a left handed version & i was all fingers & thumbs totally through me of course. So i dedeided to stick with right handers.
    On some rifle's there can be about £300 in difference which was a little more towards me sticking with right handers. I have a 22lr 222 243 & 308 all right handed & to be honest i don't regret it.
    Sorry if this does'nt help you

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    I've just had a quick look on guntrader - there are a few interesting left handed rifles - including a brand new Heym SR21 in .243 (with what looks like apel swing-off mounts - normally about £300 on their own) for £980 - offer ends today! Otherwise there are Remingtons, Tikkas, Brownings etc in various calibres - but couldn't see anything in 6.5x55. I've got a Heym and I think the quality for a factory rifle is exceptionally good.

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    Left Handed Rifles

    Hi Lordy, I have a Sako 75 Left Hander. Had it for 12 years and am very happy with it. I don't see why there wouldn't be lefties in the 85 model.
    Contact the importers, they are very helpful.

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    Just to add one more option, the RWS Ruag, titan comes as a lefty. I personally didn't take to it and now have two Saur's (202).

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    I have just arranged to have the left hander 270 Sako AV sent to my RFD that is on guntrader.

    Looks an immaculate older rifle but with Sako quality it should last me a few years


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    I have a left handed Remy 700 VS (.308) which has served me well over the last 5 years. Only 2 criticisms: 1) its heavy, especially once you add scope, bipod etc, and 2) its an all black rifle. That’s fine when you are on the range but as I get older, I prefer something that looks a slightly more classic for the field.

    Currently there is a very nice Heym SR21 (.243) on Guntrader. I went to look at it in March & very very nearly bought it however ended up with a Blaser R93. With regard to that Heym, in the ‘flesh’ it is even better than it looks in the pictures & the dealer is one of the nicest blokes I have met in a long time.

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    lefthand actions

    Hi i have 4 L/h rifles CZ22, browning BAR308,saur/weatherby 8x68s, savage weather warrior 270.
    the savage was the cheapest rifle to buy but it is very accurate,the new accustock savage out shoot rifles 3 time the price exspecially when it comes long range check them out.
    If i had the money i would buy a heym rifle they cater very well for lefthanded shooters nice but cost more then i can afford as i am only a pesent he in little old NZ

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    There is definitely no Sako 85 being made in L/H I tried to get one, spoke to importers and manufactureres. I ended up with a Sauer 202 which is an excellent rifle.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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