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Thread: Rabbits - all but disappeared !!

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    Question Rabbits - all but disappeared !!


    Are you seeing many rabbits around at the moment ?

    I have access to around 2000 acres of arable, pasture and woodland in 6 distinct plots near-ish to where I live
    and this year the rabbit population seems to have all but disappeared.

    Is it the weather or disease, or a combination of both ??

    Cheers + ATVB

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes ?

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    I am seeing very few rabbits about if any. That includes very little sign of them being there (unused holes etc)

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    Plenty not that far from you on the coast infact some areas are running alive
    with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TA6319 View Post
    I am seeing very few rabbits about if any. That includes very little sign of them being there (unused holes etc) the past even if I didn't see them the evidence of population levels from the droppings was obvious....Not at the moment !!!

    Very worrying really.

    Cheers + ATVB

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes ?

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    They're very patchy, and the populations are doing different things in different places: on one farm there were virtually none for the last 2 years, and they're now reappearing with a vengeance; on one farm none at all and none seen for years; one golf course none since October, one golf coures less than a mile away has a small but stable population, and one golf course a little bit further away is completely overrun.

    My guess is that there's relatively limited dispersal between sub-populations, so myxy and VHD can wipe one population out, and it takes a long time for it to be re-populated. But it also means that there will always be a few patches that have lots.

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    I must admit that I have never known it this bad, and I have been shooting/ferreting for over 40 years

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    Thin on the ground over winter but a good number about now- First litter and full size

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    They're thin on the ground here. Its mostly down to a cold winter followed by a cold wet summer and another cold winter suppressing breeding. Last summer a lot on my ground just disappeared. It seems they migrated to escape waterlogged burrows and a lot turned up in nearby woods where there were no buries before. Certainly, the only places on my ground that have held rabbits continuously over the last twelve months have been sheltered or well drained areas that have stayed dry. Rainfall has a lot to do with it. They started reappearing in March but they don't seem to have bred as normal. I'm guessing that's down to this year's cold spring as well. Plus I keep shooting them.

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    Ive never seen as many as there are at the

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    Much the same on most of my ground, although one area that seemed very low during the winter is now showing good numbers, as said the wet summer last year did not help, but they will do what rabbits do best and make a comeback, I just wish they would get on with it as I will be training a new hawk this year, so could do with plenty of stock come oct/nov to get him going.

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