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Thread: DSC1 and 2 -recognised overseas?

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    DSC1 and 2 -recognised overseas?

    Are DSC1 and/or 2 recognised overseas in countries where some sort of hunting exam is required eg much of Europe. If not should the DSC try to get it recognised, in the same way that other qualifications are also recognised to some extent.

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    As a visitor to hunt as a guest yes because that's our qualification here...

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    On trips ive organised to finland dsc1 counts as trained hunter and has been excepted as such by the clubs we have used.

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    This is a question for BASC which Peter Marshal will be able to question/answer FACE ,EU about.

    members | FACE: The European Federation of Associations for Hunting Conservation

    This is the organisation the brings all the European hunting organisations together.

    Having lived in Germany for a few years, I had to complete the jadgschien to allow me to hunt ,which to me was well worth the hassle of learning to speak the lingo .

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