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Thread: Titanium Mods

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    Titanium Mods

    I am currently looking for a new moderator for a .300 win mag.

    I have a P.E.S on my .243 and a Ase Utra S5 on my .308.

    Has anyone had experience of titanium moderators, in particular Lawrence Precision moderators ?

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    i know someone who has just brought one.
    he said they are very well made and it was not bad on the silencing.
    he had only shot it a couple of times so when i have spoken to him again i will let you know


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    these look interesting but I haven't heard any reviews yet. Anyone got one?

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    that type is to much over barrel.(IE to much sticking out from the end of the barrel) and very heavy


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    I have a secondhand but hardly done anything Reflex T8Mag threaded 5/8 x 1 which would be fine for your .300 Win Mag. It is stamped as proofed for 7mm Rem Mag but, as I understand it, they are either .25 and below or larger. (I'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong) Ok, its not Titanium but its not 600 either!! I would sell it for 120 plus whatever costs are incurred in transfering it to you. PM me if you want a phone number. Best wishes, JC

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