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    hello all,

    just checking if anyone got any reviews on the Ase Utra North Star moderator, i got the Ase compact on me .243, just looking to get the over barrel style for a different rifle.

    thanks Andrew

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    Andrew, I have just had an ASE NorthStar fitted to a .308 Win. It is early days to comment but what I can say is that the build quality is excellent, the noise reduction and muzzel brake effect seem perfectly acceptable (I've no scientific way to test this) and overall I am happy with it. Cost was 305 fitted. JC

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    NS-3S 1lb 6oz 1.82 x 7.76 24 28 4 231

    Andrew i just went on to the a review and it sounds like the one to get i am now in the market for a moderator (i hate them ) but need to move with the times. I have some one who will fit mine and screw cut so at 231 its got to be a deal.

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    i bought a north star when they first came out i personaly hate mods to cumber son and un balance the gun perhaps im to old to learn or accept change . Anyway my one is not as quite as a t8 i used to have i dont know why and it depend on the terrain you use it in as to the effect of it . My son has been on several ranges with it and says its as good as anything else on the market at the moment so you pay your money and take your chance as every body says there is the best its human nature i think muddy

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    cheers guys, thanks for the input,

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    I thinking of getting one of these myself for my 308. Gona see if i can get a good deal on one at the midland this weekend.

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    I like mine plenty. Lighter than a T8 , should last longer, makes the .308 bang more bearable. Job done for 199....

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    199! Bloody hell thats over a hundred pounds less than I just paid! JC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Parsons
    I like mine plenty. Lighter than a T8 , should last longer, makes the .308 bang more bearable. Job done for 199....
    where did you get yours from if you dont mine me asking?

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    Have had a northstar for 6 months now. Very pleased with it, mine was around 200 , that was the old price, you may still find some old stock at that. It is allot smaller than a T8 , I would say slightly less efficient sound wise but only minimal. stainless should last for ever. no bad points to mention except a bit heavy (aren't they all?).
    Has anyone got any ideas where I can get a neoprene or other type sleave for mine as am using a cut down T8 one that slips and is too chunky? (sorry to hijack!)

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