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Thread: Hornady Reloading Manual

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    Hornady Reloading Manual

    Has anybody got one they wish to sell - doesn't have to be the latest version as long as it covers Vihtavuori

    Powders - condition not important
    Many Thanks

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    Hi ed.
    Maybe daft comment pal but if ya only after vit info why not just look on the vit web site ?

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    The viht website only lists a few bullets -none of which I can get hold of,or want to use
    This question indicates my general lack of experience but am I correct in assuming that you can't use the same recommended load for any bullet of the same weight?

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    Hi ed im by no means an expert on reloading so wouldn't wish to publicly answer that. Have you tried the web site of the bullet manufacturers your wanting to use ?
    Ive found more information on the web than in the four reloading manuals I have !!

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    Got a speer 12 th edition here and a 2006 vhit booklet lete know if you want them


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