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    God bless Oklahoma... I have friends nearby in Duncan.

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    very sad, but why do thay build wooded homes! in a place that get's big wind storms each year !! the floor is left as a foot print so why is there not even a basement in every home? cost maybe !but what price life
    the three little pigs came to my mind very sad indeed

    QUOTE=RED-DOT;588159]God bless Oklahoma... I have friends nearby in Duncan.[/QUOTE]
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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    God bless Oklahoma... I have friends nearby in Duncan.
    I also have a lot of friends in Duncan, marlow, Lawton and up in Tulsa but luckily all are ok - although ones house is now gone.

    poor kids that were in the school.

    duncan has had a few more hit last night about a mile away but there were not on the news.


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    Paul its not that simple, some storms come with torrential rain, which would fill you cellar, most houses have a safe room, concrete walls and stronger ceiling, but not much stands upto 200mph wind for long, even your house would most probably collapse. Having been in hurricanes katrina and Ivan the power is unbelievable .

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    I have tried not to watch footage as it sounds horrible from what I have heard. I am thinking about all the poor souls and all their families. Really bad news and my sympathies go out to them.
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    mine is 9" solid built in the 30's but you are prob right so sad for there loss, we were hit full on in the 80's with no damage only loss was a 6x8 shed never found it !

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